Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service supports Dementia Action Week

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Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) is again supporting Dementia Action Week, running from 16 – 22 May.

Dementia Action Week is the Alzheimer Society’s annual flagship awareness-raising campaign in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This year, Dementia Action Week is encouraging those who might be living with, or close to someone who might be living with, with undiagnosed dementia to:

  • be able to understand and recognise potential dementia symptoms
  • come to us for guidance and support
  • feel empowered to take the next step
  • improve the diagnosis process for both them and healthcare professionals.

HWFRS in partnership with The Alzheimer’s Society, HWFRS is therefore encouraging residents to confront dementia this Dementia Action Week.

Emma Roberts, HWFRS Head of Prevention, said:

“Many people we see have dementia and can be extremely vulnerable, and with the growing ageing population, so Dementia Action Week is an invaluable opportunity for us to flag up the need for fire safety awareness and precautions for vulnerable members of our community.

This is a chance to consider whether a friend or family member with mental health challenges needs fire safety advice in their home.

“You can find out more about fire safety at, and you can also contact our Prevention Team on 0800 032 1155 to see if they might qualify for a free Home Fire Safety visit.

“You can also complete a FREE online Home Fire Safety Check now by following the link
on our website.

“Developed in partnership with Safelincs, this easy-to-follow home fire safety check will take you through your home one room at a time and the simple questions will help you spot fire risks as you go around your home.

“Why not do it today?!”

Kumbi Mandinyenya, Alzheimer’s Society Services Manager Hereford,

“There are many ways people living with dementia can set up their homes to stay independent, for longer. In terms of fire safety, having carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors fitted and contacting your local fire service to arrange a free home fire safety check is a really good idea.

Getting a timely diagnosis is important and can help people avoid reaching a possible crisis point. Support and more information about a diagnosis is just a phone call or a click away. Visit or call 0333 150 3456”

You can find out more about Dementia Action Week at Dementia Action Week | Alzheimer’s Society (

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