Firefighters secured a garden trampoline to a tree during high winds

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A crew from Hereford Fire Station was yesterday called to an unusual incident which may be a foretaste of things to come with very high winds forecast across the two counties over the next couple of days.

“We had a call from a concerned resident near Grandstand Road in Hereford,” said Watch Commander Luke Powell of Hereford Fire Station.

“A large domestic trampoline had taken flight in the high winds and had come to rest against a tree.

“We used lines and straps to secure the trampoline to the tree to prevent it from going on to the carriageway where it would have been a danger to life and to property.

“The home owners were out at work so, as a courtesy, we left a note with them to let them know what we had done.”

With an amber warning currently issued for Herefordshire and Worcestershire in advance of the imminent Storm Eunice, householders and business owners are advised to make preparations for the arrival of potentially damaging gales.

Any unsecured items in yards and gardens such as, for example, dustbins or pet hutches, should either be secured or, where possible, moved inside sheds, garages, enclosed passageways or the home until the storm has passed.