Never drive or walk into flood water

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Heavy rain is again forecast to fall for the rest of today, overnight and into tomorrow (Thursday).

With ground now saturated after previous rainfall, there is a risk of flash flooding throughout the two counties with water running off on to roads.

River levels remain high, too, and it will not take much further rain to cause their banks to burst once again.

“We are especially urging people not to drive or walk into flood water,” said a spokesman for the Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.

“Flood water can be deceptively fast moving and there may be dangers which are not visible. These might include, for example, lifted manholes which could expose you to the risk of falling deep into drains from which you are unable to escape.

“People walking and driving into flood waters put not only themselves at risk but also those who might be called upon to rescue them.”

Until the flood waters clear:

  • do not take risks or ignore flood warning signs – you could be putting your car, yourself and others in danger by doing so
  • driving through flood water can be extremely dangerous because it is impossible to see how deep the water is or whether there are hazards under the water which could damage your car and leave you stranded
  • if your home does begin to flood, turn off your electricity supply, and do not touch any sources of electricity such as switches or appliances when you are standing in flood water
  • help any elderly family members or neighbours to do the same
  • stay alert to local weather and news reports and take notice of any flood warnings and road closures you come across