Fire Control quintet commended for role in rescue of mother and child

Fire control quintet - Kington rescue

The heroic roles played by five members of Fire Control in rescuing a woman and her two-year old child during the flooding following Storm Dennis were recognised last month.

The quintet received commendations from Chief Fire Officer Nathan Travis, just before his retirement.

On 16 February 2020, during the height of the spate conditions in the early part of the year, the Fire Control team played a key part in providing information for and guiding a crew from Kington Fire Station, who entered the water at Letton, to rescue a female driver and her child who were stuck in the car.

In rising water, the crew made contact with the vehicle’s occupants and carried them to safety.

The Fire Control crew of (from left) Crew Commander Angie Solloway, Crew Commander Mark Harrison, Firefighter Fiona Emmerson, Crew Commander Shara Harrison and Firefighter Dave Penberthy demonstrated professional teamwork, showing support, personal resilience and respect for each other under difficult circumstances. They received their awards from CFO Travis at Service headquarters in Hindlip.