Evesham firefighter acquires ‘mew’ family member after colleagues were called out to local flat

Kyle and kitten

When an Evesham firefighter’s colleagues were called to a flat in the town, little did he realise that he’d end up acquiring a ‘mew ‘ member of the family – in the shape of a kitten they found there!

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Fire Service (HWFRS) on-call crew commander Kyle Annis, from Evesham station, heard about the discovery from crewmates who were called to support paramedics when a man was found sadly deceased in an Evesham flat.

While there, they were astonished to hear a faint distressed mewing.

On tracking down the noise, they discovered a tiny kitten hiding in the background. Although malnourished and dehydrated, he seemed to be otherwise healthy.

With no trace of its mother in the flat, they dropped the kitten off at the Cats Protection League in Evesham while en route to another callout.

The kitten was cared for until he recovered and a new home could be found for him, with the agreement and support of the deceased person’s family.

Hearing about the kitten, and checking with his own family, Kyle wasted no time in offering to provide him with a new home.

Kyle, 26, said:

“It was sad that the resident was beyond help, but we were pleased the kitten was very much alive, if rather weak.

“After he was dropped at the Cats Protection League, they called him ‘Red’ in honour of the service that found him.

“Needless to say, we’re all delighted that Red has bounced back to health and is now full of mischief, and my family are thrilled to have a new pet.”