September is 30days30daysUK month with daily preparedness & protection tips – so track our social media channels for wide range of messages

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September is approaching fast – and that means so is our 30days30waysUK personal protection and preparedness campaign.

Running throughout September, #30days30waysUK is all about inspiring and empowering people from all walks of life to build and strengthen their personal, household and community preparedness and resilience in a whole variety of ways.

In a world increasingly impacted by climate change and ever-growing challenges, the aim is to harness the whole month towards helping all of us, whatever our lifestyles, to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from the myriad risks that might come our way.

Every day through September, we’ll be showcasing on our social media channels a wide variety of risk-prevention, protection and preparedness messages, advice and guidance across a huge range of topics, some of which may never have occurred to us but all aimed at making us, our homes and our lifestyles safer and more resilient.

The diverse topics range from our physical, mental and emotional health & welfare, and ‘how protected from fire and other risks are our homes and property?’ themes, to more external influences such as weather and climate risks – which we’ve all seen for ourselves lately, with the intense heatwave followed by extreme downpours and flooding.

Other messages include cyber-attacks, power cuts, motoring and traffic, and how to stay safe abroad.

More attention-grabbing themes woven into our daily Top Tips include giving blood, healthy eating and cooking, community volunteering, World Peace Day, caring for our pets, and even space risks, with an update on NASA’s latest space-impact research.

A huge range of central and local government, council, charity and ‘blue light’ initiatives, suggestions and guidance are also flagged up, with weblinks to find out more and navigate to further help and advice – so each ‘top tip’ is a ‘launchpad’ to more guidance.

We’re starting our campaign from the beginning of this week with some introductory messages to set the scene, and then Thursday 1 September sees the start of our day-by-day steers. You can find out more about how to join in with the campaign at

Emma Roberts, HWFRS Head of Prevention, said:

“#30days30waysUK is a superb opportunity for people to catch up with advice and guidance to strengthen their resilience and preparedness to cope with life’s challenges across a myriad themes.

“Although serious messages, they’re presented in an easy-to-read, lighthearted style and are very simple to take on board. So I really want to encourage people to get into the routine throughout the whole month of checking our social media channels and catching up with each new theme as it comes along.

“Don’t forget, for people not familiar with our social media channels, there is plenty of fire safety advice at
and at, and you can also contact our Prevention Team on 0800 032 1155 to see if you might qualify for a free Home Fire Safety visit.

“You can also complete a FREE online Home Fire Safety check now by following the link on our website. This easy-to-follow home fire safety check will take you through your home one room at a time and the simple questions will help you spot fire risks as you go around your home.”