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Our Values

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Our Values: What we believe in

The Service Values were selected by staff from throughout the Service at a series of workshops and via an on-line survey.

Staff were asked to consider:

  • what values motivate you to do your job?
  • how do you want to be treated at work?
  • what do our communities expect of HWFRS?

The workshops and survey emphasised that the Values needed to be aspirational and to work for our external stakeholders as much as our internal working relationships. They needed to be intrinsic to the Service, inseparable from all we say and do, and will help set the culture of the organisation.


This Value was the highest scoring of the workshops and survey.

‘We will do the right thing and show fairness and consistency in our approach, taking responsibility for the decisions we make and the actions we take.’

In addition to the descriptor of why Integrity is vital to the whole Service, teams and individuals have considered how it underpins their roles


‘By working collaboratively, we can exceed expectations and go beyond the achievements of individuals.’

Teamwork was recognised as a universal quality and an important value for both operational and non-operational staff in the Service. Delivering the very best services to our communities depends on our internal departmental cooperation, as well as working collaboratively with our colleagues in other emergency services and agencies, and with the people in local neighbourhoods.

This is how some of our colleagues describe how important teamwork is to them when carrying out their particular role within their department within the Service.


‘We will be truthful in our actions and duties to build trust amongst our colleagues and within the communities we serve.’

Feedback during the workshops and survey showed us that honesty and trust are both very important values to our staff – both between our colleagues and when dealing with members of the public.

This is how some of our colleagues from throughout HWFRS consider how the value of honesty impacts on their roles with the Service:


‘We will act in a way that is transparent and open to review and will welcome new or innovative ways of thinking.’

The chosen Value of openness includes transparency and innovation, which were also highly-rated in the workshops and survey. It describes a mind-set as well as ways of working which are happily available to scrutiny and new ways of problem-solving.

Some of our colleagues considered how openness would underpin their roles:


‘We value the differences between individuals and create an inclusive environment which recognises everyone’s experiences and opinions.’

The discussions about respect and respectfulness at the workshops were extremely interesting. Whether people were talking about how they work with colleagues, or during discussions with managers, or interacting with members of the public, it was considered an essential Value. But many staff also felt that respect extended to consideration of people’s knowledge, skills, experience, lifestyles, gender, and sexuality – so covering issues of equality, inclusion and diversity too.

Respect covers a range of considerations within HWFRS and here are some examples of how we understand the importance of respect within our roles:

PC: 4/10/19/JAA