Firefighter Rob Garrard

Firefighter in uniform in front of fire engine

Rob said “Our neighbour’s daughter was involved in a serious road traffic collision locally and the watch from Peterchurch was called out. My eldest child was learning to drive, the kids brought home a leaflet from school about becoming an On-Call firefighter, I decided I had to apply. I started my role as an On-Call firefighter at Peterchurch Fire Station a few months after my 50th birthday.  People ten years older than that now join the fire service as attitudes have changed a lot. Many of the watch have young children and there are different demands on people’s time but my children have left home now and I have more time to dedicate to the Service.

It would not have dawned on me to become a firefighter before I saw the leaflet.  It may seem difficult to just walk into a fire station for the first time, but we welcome anyone coming to the station to give it a try, whatever their age.”

As long as Rob stays within 5 minutes of the station he can do what he likes, a non alcoholic drink at the local pub, or spending time in the garden for instance works perfectly with being an On-Call firefighter.

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