Firefighter Jamie Osbaldiston

Firefighter standing in front of a fire engine.

After growing up watching Fireman Sam on the television, Jamie takes great pride in doing “the best job in the world” when he responds to call-outs with his Ewyas Harold Fire Station colleagues.

Although there was no recent fire service experience in his family, the Jamie feels it is something he would like to pass on to future generations. 

Jamie, whose sporty nature has helped him to cope with the fitness demands, said: “I saw a banner outside the shop while walking the dog through the village and thought that was something I could do.

“I remembered watching Fireman Sam when I was growing up and thinking it would be a cool job. Every little boy’s dream is to ride on a fire engine.

“I have been in the Ewyas Harold area for three years now and saw it as a good way of getting to know people in the community.

“Now I cannot pass through the village without bumping into people who I have met through the Service or who recognise me from it.

“It all seems surreal from it being a boyhood dream.”

Firefighter in a medical exercise working with a dummy

Jamie wasn’t sure at first whether he could accommodate the On-Call role but it works well with a new job working from home as a business support officer in forestry with Natural Resources Wales.

He said: “The person whose job I took on was also an on-call firefighter so I’ve joined a company and department used to it and am on call most of the time.

“It also works well with my fiancée who has been really good coming to terms with it and it doesn’t affect us.

“In fact, the job is more flexible than I thought it would be. It’s not the busiest station in the county. There is also often someone else available if you need some flexibility.

“But you don’t want to miss a shout because you want to be that familiar face that can put people at ease.

“It feels like a proper family at Ewyas Harold and I’ve made some good friends.

“I’m proud to be an on-call firefighter and I talk about it so much! It’s the best job in the world.”

Firefighter in his own clothes

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